Ruentex Development has been a trailblazer with its astute, perceptive deveploments.
Overview of history
Description and details of history
Consecutive ISO 9001 certification from 1998 to 2020
Consecutive ISO 14001 certification from 2000 to 2020
Sustainable operation and continuous improvement through systematic quality control
Our quality/environmental policy is to "satisfy clients with optimum quality, continuous improvement, and pollution prevention."
Li Sheng Development, a subsidiary of Ruentex Development, officially changed its name to Ruentex Development Co., Ltd.
The operations and tax ID number of Ruentex Development (formerly Li Sheng Development) remain the same as the original Company (Li Sheng Development). The name change does not affect the continuity and ownership of the Company.
The Company has signed an investment contract with the Taipei Urban Regeneration Center for the Taipei Nangang Public Urban Renewal Project, the largest urban renewal project in Taipei. Located in the core node of the Eastern Gateway Project, it will reinforce the transportation hub and drive the biotech cluster. Ruentex's innovative experience in development will spur a circular industry development, co-creating the "Heart of Nangang" that connects the Eastern Gateway Project. The project is expected to complete in 2026.
Acquired four parcels of land (lots 108, 109, 110, and 111) of the Sixin section in Xindian District, New Taipei City.
Named a "Best-Reputed Exemplar Company in Taiwan" by CommonWealth Magazine in 2014 for the 8th time, the most a construction company has received, making us a "Long-Standing Exemplar Company."
The "Best-Reputed Exemplar Companies in Taiwan" was not surveyed in 2015.
Selected as the front runner in the construction industry by CommonWealth Magazine again in 2016.
Botanic Garden Villa won the Award of Merit in the International Illumination Awards of the Illuminating Engineering Society.
Named a "Best-Reputed Exemplar Company in Taiwan" by CommonWealth Magazine in 2014 as the front runner in the construction industry.
Botanic Garden Villa was included by Sotheby's International Realty in their Five Dream Apartments.
Li Cheng Development, a subsidiary, obtained 2 parcels of land on Lot 265, Baoqing-6 Section, Songshan District, Taipei City.
Ruentex Development sold 10% of the shares of its subsidiary Ruentex Xu-Zhan to MEC Global Investment Limited, a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Estate, for the BOT partnership of Nangang Station.
Signed public urban renewal contracts with the Taipei City Government for "17 Parcels of Lands on Lot 72, Nanhai-5 Section, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City" and "Public Lands on Lot 302 and 303, Lihe-3 Section, Xinyi District, Taipei City."
Acquired 10 pieces of land on Lot 585, Dunhua-3 Section, Songshan District, Taipei City.
“Mingfeng” on Mingfeng Street, Xizhi.
Named a "Best-Reputed Exemplar Company in Taiwan" by CommonWealth Magazine for 11 consecutive years from 2002 to 2012.
Participated in the establishment of Ruencheng Investment Holdings to reinvest in Nan Shan Life Insurance Co, Ltd., following the Group's investment plans and diversification needs.
Ruentex Wanhuayuan is our first urban renewal case.
Ruentex Xiaoshanqing, a scenic and leisure residence on Zhonghe's YuanTong Road.
In February, Ruentex and Chunghwa Telecom jointly developed the smart residential building "Wan Xi" in Wanhua, building our smart home brand.
Acquired the joint development rights of MRT Neihu Station and Sanchong Station.
Obtained 10 parcels of land on Nanhai Road Section 5, Zhongzheng District, Taipei.
Subsidiaries Ruentex Xu-Zhan and Ruentex Bai-Yi took the BOT projects of TRA Nangang Station and Songshan Station, respectively, with their superior expertise.
The Ruentex Group started a new chapter with the headquarters relocated at CityLink Zhonglun.
Completed the "Ruentex Dunren" at Renai Circle in January, a milestone for luxury apartments in Taiwan, and "Ruentex Oriental Ritz" in November, a landmark for high-end residential property in Nangang.
Pioneered the application of precast waffle slabs in a high-tech factory with the "Chi Mei Factory Five Construction Project."
Introduced the ERP system in September.
Ruentex Luyi was the first in Taipei County and second in Taiwan to receive a Green Building Label.
Officially renamed its Chinese name to Ruentex Innovation International to reflect its operational diversification and innovative ambitions.
Ruentex Development reinvested in Li Sheng Development to coordinate the development and management of the Zhonglun Station development project.
Named a "Best-Reputed Exemplar Company in Taiwan" by CommonWealth Magazine for the first time.
Built the "Ruentex Ceramic House," a premium residence with over 100 architectural awards in Japan for 40 consecutive years, in Taiwan with MISAWA HOME in August.
Ruentex Dunpin, Ruentex Dajia, Ruenfu Huacheng received the Excellent Intelligent Building Awards by the Architecture and Building Research Institute of the Ministry of the Interior in 2000.
Ruentex Luyi won 9th Chinese Architectural Golden Stone Award in the Planning and Design category, awarded the "Excellent Residence Grand Prize."
The "Zhonglun Station Multi-Purpose Project" is Taiwan's first multi-purpose development project with private investment, representing our entry into the commercial real estate market.
Ruentex Luyi received the inaugural Green Building Candidate Certificate from the Ministry of the Interior and the first Green Building Certificate Label in Taipei County.
Certified ISO 14001:1996 - Environmental management systems for the first time.
Certified ISO 9002:1994 - Quality systems for the first time.
Entered distribution and large-scale retail businesses with the RT-MART Hsinchu Nanya Store
Introduced the world to our luxury masterpiece "Ruenta Dunpin," which was voted as one of the top ten projects in Greater Taipei in 1997 by Great News.
Set up international bases to diversify and internationalize the business. Ruentex Development in the British Virgin Islands has broadened investment opportunities and laid the groundwork for construction material procurement.
Expanded overseas with the establishment of Ruentex Development Co., Ltd. in Hong Kong for real estate investments in Singapore and Hong Kong.
Raised CHF 72.5 mil in the European capital market, paving the way for international businesses.
The Human Resources Department was named by the Council of Labor Affairs an "Excellent Labor Education Organization" in 1994.
Ruenfu New Life, a technical collaboration with Nakagin Building, is the first senior apartment in Taiwan.
Chang Feng Steel Co. Ltd., a joint venture with the Evergreen Group, represented a major step forward in diversification.
Listed on Taiwan Stock Exchange.
Rated 5A, the best in the construction investment industry, in China Credit Information Service's 1991 Taiwan Enterprise Ratings.
Signed a technical cooperation with Chuhui Engineering Consulting, a subsidiary of Takenaka Corporation, to improve construction technology and quality and reduce costs for new construction concepts.
The "Runhua Taipei New Continent" in Banqiao is a model town that cost tens of billions to build.
The Runhua Buiding, an 11-story elevator apartment in Jinmei, Taipei, marked a new chapter of high-end elevator apartments for the Company.
Founded in Taipei, Ruentex initially focused on generic apartments and houses before foraying into other businesses.